Nancy Coon

Nancy specializes in retirement financial planning, including asset protection which is often overlooked, and health care costs, one of the biggest exposures retirees have. As a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, Nancy is legally obligated to make recommendations aligned with her clients’ best interests. Only about 10% of financial advisors are so credentialed. The majority operate under a suitability standard vs. a fiduciary standard, allowing bad advisors to line their own pockets at the expense of their clients’ financial best interest.

Avoiding Bad Advisors

Unfortunately, it is all too common for her to realize that new retirement financial planning clients were being served by bad advisors. Whether it was done out of an advisor’s ignorance or self-interest doesn’t really matter. Nancy will immediately reposition things to be in the clients’ best interests going forward.

Everyone’s situation is unique and deserves individual professional attention. That is why Nancy has a team behind her with extensive skills in pertinent subject matter. Whether it is real estate, small business, tax-sheltered brokerage accounts, or a multitude of other possible holdings, she confers with experts before making a recommendation consistent with client holdings and objectives. That means she has access to lawyers, CPAs, stock market experts, insurance experts, or any other needed viewpoint. Everyone’s risk tolerance is likewise unique. Whether you want 100% protection for your assets or whether you prefer some market exposure, we can accommodate you. Our leading analytical tools will help ensure you are comfortable with the outcome. Far too many people find out their real risk tolerance only after it has been exceeded.

One of many areas typically overlooked is that of Medicaid planning. Since most want to minimize what assets may go towards long term care, it is vital to understand the Deficit Reduction Act implemented in 2006, which codifies the governing rules in this arena and are often at odds with best practices for reducing estate taxes or avoiding probate.

Whether you have half a million or half a billion dollars to consider, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive asset portfolio management on an ongoing basis. For that matter, Nancy loves to see people, often kids of clients, start early with perhaps $10,000. The power of time compounding remains the 8th wonder of the world!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact Nancy at or 520-907-7503; 801-557-6403.

Strategic. Comprehensive. Tactical.

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